Friday, August 1, 2014

08.01.14 Nothing around but the flat fish....

     Still looking for some summer striped ones. Started out just before first light and the end of the outgoing. No birds, no bait, and no bass, or blues, to take a popper. Switched over to a sand eel pattern and went nymphing and caught one keeper fluke and two shorts in about a foot of water.

     Again it is amazing how much sand and lack of structure there is on the beach. Groin pocket and rips that were last year are no where to be found. It is really hard to find fishy water outside the pre and post higher tides.

     Early next week, either Monday or Tuesday, I'll be taking a boat trip a little bit off the beach looking for blues, mahi, bonita, skipjack, albies.....anything. The weather will dictate how far I go. If you're interested in the hunt for things that swim and might eat a fly call me to book it 732.261.7291