Saturday, August 9, 2014

08.09.14 Great day on the water....just couldn't find the fish

     Had a great morning out front with an uncle-nephew team in Jim and 15 year old Anthony. We met up around first light and went to work. They knew how the summer has fished on the beach but they were there to learn fishing off the beach and rocks. 
     We went through everything from tackle to tides and all else in between before going fishing. Started with a Bob'b Banger then scaled it down to a Slider when some tiny snappers showed up. As light arrived we went into fluke mode and the guys worked the beach and rocks for the next 4 hours with only one fluke flash for their efforts. It's always nice to see young kids getting into fishing, and 

even more into fly fishing. Anthony has had great teachers in his dad and uncle because his casting of both intermediate and sinking lines, on and off the rocks, was great. Today was one of those days where I really wished we could get tight on a fish. We saw some bait, saw some blues under birds off the beach a bit, but the colder wash water might have had the flat ones in deeper water. 
     These guys are all ready for the fall run and I look forward to fishing with them again. Jim has a nice resume of fishing experiences and his next is a bluefin trip with Gene Quigly from Shore Catch. Jim a guy I can relate to......he only fishes with the fly matter what. I hope he gets a good shot at some tuna in a few weeks.