Saturday, August 16, 2014

08.09 -16.14 Great week in Wildwood Crest.....

     Been away from here for a week and it has been a good break. Just got back from a week down in Wildwood Crest with the kids and visits from some family and friends. That said, I'm ready to get back to work, fishing, and this blog. I actually miss writing it.
     We stayed down in SeaPointe Village and had a great condo overlooking the beach. I got it off of [vacation rentals by owner], I have had great luck renting directing from owners here in the U.S. and in Puerto Rico. We did a little of everything, the pool, the beach, the boardwalk, crabbing, and Cape May. At times we did nothing....which was a great art of the trip also. I tend to read books

always related to fishing so I thought I would break out a bit. I picked up a book by Nicolaus Sparks called, The Longest Ride. It was a great read and would make a great movie. I really enjoyed getting u early and reading. When I was finished that I got another book, Missing You, by Harlen Coben, another great read.
     The weather was great and we only missed out one day because of the weather. We pretty much ate our faces out, well let me speak for me, starting each day heading to Britton's Gourmet Bakery in Wildwood for a dozen donuts and some pastries. My boy Sean did a lot of the cooking when we ate in and he delivered beers and lunch poolside for the family, well the beers were for the adults.

     Erin did most of the hard core swimming either in the ocean or the pool. It was fun t watch her enjoy the water with her siblings, cousins, uncle and grandparents. Kids and water just go together.

     The boardwalk was well the boardwalk. Nice, but overpriced. I found the constant heckling in some type of Russian accent a little just made all of the Tshirt booths, and tatoo stands, and games just a little sleezy and dirty and cheezy. I heard it from end of the boardwalk to the other.
     The highlight of the boardwalk visit was watching my two 17 year olds decide whether to go on the Spring Shot. A bungee cord/ slingshot "ride" that puts a sphere that riders sit in into orbit 265 feet in the air, in three seconds. It was $50 for two riders, or $75 with the video and two t-shirts. It was worth the extra money.

Here's why it was worth it.....

     Well it was a week of no fishing and just family. Soon it will be back to school and taking Ryan off to his first year at Rowan University. The kids will have a few more weeks of fun including a last weekend summer trip to Roscoe. Without rushing life, I am looking forward to the fall, and fishing, starting with a few trips in Jersey before heading to Montauk in mid September.

Tomorrow I will be on the beach before first light....I can't wait.