Monday, August 4, 2014

08.04.14 Nothing but lettuce....then the big bunker got pushed up on the beach

     Early start catching the last hours of the ebb tide. Thought for sure it would be easy to pick a fish, hopefully a bass, but maybe a fluke out of the water. Problem was, every cast came back with lettuce on it. I felt more like a farmer than a fisherman.

     Just as I was about to leave I looked up the beach and saw a black cloud in the water. I said to myself, 'Man, that looks like a lot of bait." And it was. Full sized adult bunker were getting pushed up on the beach. I made the switch from a Clouser to a medium sized bunker fly and starting casting. Pretty good south to north sweep so I had to figure that plus the breaking waves on when and where to cast. I snagged one bunker on a cast but it came undone. The "action" lasted for about 45 minutes with a few rip throughs and some swirls on the ocean side of the pod, nothing for me from the beach.

    Even though I didn't catch anything it was nice to see some life, and a bit exciting, thinking for a bit that I might just get a August bass or bluefish blitz all to myself.