Tuesday, September 27, 2011

09.27.11 Checked out Keyport, found more bait than predator fish in the Raritan Bay

     If you can't find the fish, maybe it's a good time to watch and catch the bait. Several anglers were on the waterfront fishing in Keyport this afternoon. While I went there with a friend to go to Mike's Subs, I pulled out my fly rod and walked the bulkhead just in case something was happening. Nothing. One guy was netting spearing and killifish, ie; killies; ie; mummichogs. These brackish water baitfish are great because they can tolerate low oxygen and warm waters. 

I am on my way up to the Adirondacks for more post Irene home damage work. Hopefully will be back in time as the surf erupts with albies and stripers!

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