Sunday, September 18, 2011

09.18.11 NE blow has fishing going from quick to slow

     After a quick start over the last few days things slowed down a bit today. Winds from the NE at 15-20 with a steady blow up to 30 kts. It's been an N-NE blow for a few days and the first 1500 feet off the beach  is turbid. Early this morning I went to Deal and fished there without a bump. I broke out the 10wt Helios with the Depth Charge line and that made casting into the wind much easier. I stayed for about and hour and then headed out for Sunday a.m. kids stuff.
     By 11 am I was itching to get back down to the water so I wet waded in front of the Allenhurst Beach Club. In the distance I could see two guys on the end at 8th Avenue in Asbury Park and that was it today for anglers. Except Al and his son Mike and one other guy were in Deal this morning.

     Last night I ran over to Avon to check on things there. I fished one of my favorite notched groins and picked up a feisty striper of 15 inches while "high sticking" my Clouser  around the break in the rocks.

Notched groin, Avon,