Sunday, September 11, 2011

09.08.11 FEMA and SBA san no assistance and lots of work gets done

I got into Ausable Forks early this morning around 1a.m. I slept in till about 730 and after getting the dog set I went over to Jay to the FEMA Assistance Center. I greater nicely and sat at a table to talk to someone via the photo to register for assistance. I did get the operator with the broken English, very nice but broken, for almost 30 minutes. Anyway, long story short, the second to last thing this guy tells me before giving me my number is, "as you know FEMA doesn't offer assistance to second or rental homes or businesses." He tells me that at minute 28. Hey, truth is I'm lucky. Made it through Irene in New Jersey with only water in the basement and no power for five days, here in Ausable Forks, I didn't fair as well, but so many people lost everything. We had 6 feet of water in the basement and and lost part of our wall and foundation. Then I went over to the SBA for a small business loan, using The Average Angler. Forget it. I respectfully got up and left. So it was off to work.

    I picked up some crushed marble in town and when I got home I started digging, and didn't stop till 3. Then I laid down the barrier and pipe and stones. The hardest part of the day was dealing with the wall and fence and dirt that had started to wash into the river. If this post goes through, there's only one image I could attach using my iPad.

Then I had a great dinner at Mad River Pizza! They are open with a limited menu. Good to see some businesses back, although rumor has it Grand Union is pulling out.