Monday, September 26, 2011

09.26.11 Had to give the night outgoing a shot in Allenhurst

     At 830 I was quizzing my 6 year old daughter on the following words, then, than, they, that, and this. By 930 I was sweating to death and having problems breathing trying to breathe this thick 150% humidity air while casting into the wash first in Deal then Allenhurst. I figured it wasn't going to be good but not seeing a car in the lots and no headlamps on the ends of the rocks only confirmed my feelings. Two guys were soaking clams and they were just soaking clams.
     I hit my usual spots with first a Banger and then a Clouser. As the minutes went on I felt wet down my legs. But it wasn't leaky waders, it was sweat running down my back to my feet. I gave it a good college try. Things should bust open by the weekend, the weather will change and things will get better, or not.

You know, I published this last November and still love it! And it's still all true.

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A new fly fishing guide and his wife
by: theaverageangler