Wednesday, September 21, 2011

09.21.11 Gators invade Deal...okay caught a couple of snappers

     Okay, the picture tells the story. I've been down in Atlantic City since Monday and as soon as I got back I headed down to the beach. When I left the wind was NE with a steady blow and the water was turbid. Now I'm back and the wind has shifted and slowed but the water is still not clear out past the groins.
I toon my loyal scout out with me today to check on conditions. For 5 months old she's a trooper. I love taking her down there, but hate taking her home afterwards. She's wet and sandy in the car, then I have to wash her off at home with the hose, then keep her on the deck to dry off. But she is a water dog no doubt.

    After getting her set I went back and fished hours 2, 3, 4 of the outgoing. I was throwing a black Clouser and managed a trio of snappers. I fished pretty hard but no other results. I saw mullet cruising just beneath the surface but nothing on them. Two guys soaking clams and one with worms managed a kingfish between them.
    At night I went down and hit 8th Avenue to see how the 3, 4th hours of the incoming would be. Not a bump, although I did see bait in the water but couldn't make out what it was.