Sunday, September 11, 2011

09.09.11 Broke my a%s all day, then had a blast at 20 Main

     There's nothing worse then having a major project to do and no one to help. It also doesn't make it any easier when any help is 6 hours away. Anyway, I broke my hump today. I dug and moved dirt then shoveled 4 tons of stone. Around 5 o'clock Eric stopped over and helped me lug about 3 yards of dirt over to the blue house. Then, we hit 20 Main, the local bar in town. When we got there there we three of us. I started feeding the juke box and played every Grateful Dead song in the machine till 1 a.m. People were making selections and then would have to wait hours to hear their songs. The best part was the box had super long versions of Terrapin and Eyes, like 10 minutes each. Lot's of beer and Mad River Pizza helped too!

20 Main, Ausable Forks

On yeah, how's this. I am dead tired, ready to croak, and Eric says, "Did you put the holes down?" What made it worse was I didn't.