Friday, September 23, 2011

09.23.11Great looking morning but things never got going

Spring Lake

     I really thought today was going to be a good day. I was on the beach in Avon on hour 2 of the outgoing tide. It was dark when I got to one of my favorite spots and I started out with a black Clouser and then switched to a Banger. I ran that fly along the rocks and through the wash all the way across Avon down to the Shark River Inlet jetty. Along the way I met both fly and spin anglers who didn't have a bump. There was some action Monday here and the same guys had a feeling about today also. The mullet that was here and pushed in wasn't in sight. There was small pods of snappers here and there but that was it. I left there with time to spare on the tide, and took a ride to Spring Lake.
     I got another good feeling in Spring Lake. I saw one fly angler working the bowl at the outflow and another guy netting mullet in the trough. I went back to the Clouser first/ Banger second approach and did nothing, but had a good time. I pulled out at slack tide and got a bite, then headed to Deal for the incoming.
     At Deal I made my way up the beach and made my first cast an hour after low tide. About 45 minutes later I watched as a large striper surfed down the front of a wave chasing mullet. I made several casts with a Banger in the area without a nod. Soon the rains came in sideways and I finished fishing the stretch back to my car. 

Things should get better as the warm cools off and the bait and fish start to move in.