Monday, June 13, 2011

06.13.11 Great day pickin' pockets on the Ausable

     In between breaking my arse cleaning up both yards in Ausable Forks I took some time to fish my "home" waters. The lodge and future fly shop sit on the West Branch a few hundred feet upriver of Junction Pool, where the East Branch joins the West to form the Ausable River. I went out at 6am and fished Junction Pool down to Gordon Oil. I used a bead head nymph before turning to the go-to fly of the day. It's Adirondack fly fishing guide Rich Garfield's creation, it's called the Ausable Ugly. You can check out Rich's website and place an order at I caught a few and missed a few more. While I was fishing a guy from the Ausable River Association stopped to chat about Didymo. It is part of their education program aimed at educating anglers about invasives.
I went back to landscaping and around 130 I gave it another shot. I went back down to the Ausable and fished there and connected on a few before making a move upriver into the West Branch. I wanted to fish heavy pocket water so I took the five minute drive and had the beat all to myself. There was nothing coming off so I stayed with the Ugly. I hate fish and numbers, but I can say I lost count. It was a great afternoon, so great I fished the same stretch through twice and was glad I did.

     Late in the afternoon the rain began to fall as I was slaving in the yard. By 8 o'clock I was done so I jumped in my waders and fished my stretch of the river from the Jay side. It was a good way to end a long hard day. More then one time I did say to myself, " I wonder how Aaron would do here?." Aaron in Jasper, the current Euronymphing guru. I see his name everywhere, he's in the Catskills, then he jumps to the Adirondacks. I've never nymphet that way, but I am sure today was a prime example of where it would be effective. But, how many more fish would I want to catch?

If you are interested in a guided fly fishing in the Adirondacks trip please call me as there is availability. These trips have a two night three minimum. Included is lodging on the West Branch and round trip transportation from New Jersey can be arranged.

I'll post pics tomorrow, I can't figure out how to do It with and iPad, I don't even know if it can be done.