Saturday, June 11, 2011

06.11.11 Woke up to a strong east wind and went to Bayhead and then north

     Anyway, it's 930 pm and I'm just getting around to this. I woke up early and headed down to Bayhead. Nothing going on there so I hit the Manasquan Inlet and found this kayaker fluking in between the party boats and normal heavy weekend boat traffic going, and the trawlers coming back in. Hey, what ever you're into. I fished on the north side of the inlet and did nothing. I moved to one of favorite spots in Avon and hooked a nice striper but lost it in the wash. I fished later in the day, high tide, choppy wave, string gusty northeast wind. My favorite weather to fish in. I hit Marine Place but didn't do anything but two guys were fluking and got two smalls. 

I made some cool photos today, and agian have to do some post production on them so I'll get a gallery up this week. I'll be heading out tomorrow morning, fishing the outgoing tide.