Thursday, June 2, 2011

06.02.11 Off to the Catskills

     I'm outta here! I had enough of those striped bass anyway. I've been fishing almost every morning the last few weeks through the south winds. I have been picking up a fish here and there. This morning the wind was west, and the big fish crashed the beaches from Long Branch to Allenhurst. Now, wait, not every beach had bunker flipping on them, but the fish did make a push in and they were in range, closer in some spots than others.
    So Friday morning I am off to the Catskills, and by 8am I'll be meeting my JSTU friend Jim for breakfast and then a float later in the day. My Saturday client cancelled so I have made a few contacts to try and get a float in. Otherwise it's another day on the river, the crowded river, for me.
     My TU chapter, Jersey Shore Trout Unlimited, is having their annual trip, as are other TU chapters, so I'll have plenty of company up there.

Might make for a lower West and Main Stem kind of weekend.