Thursday, June 23, 2011

06.23.11 Watch out, strong east winds bring big things at your feet!

     On my way home from Morristown tonight I figured I go out and give it a shot. Rain had moved in and the winds were from the east with strong gusts. I stopped at a few places before settling in on Big Monmouth. I  had the beat to myself and worked the wash with 30 foot casts into a tough wind. I kind of went half-ass and trying to cast with no stripping basket made me look the same. I was in over my knees trying to manage my line when I felt this hard knock against my left leg. I looked down and a large section of a piling was being pushed up on the beach. Luckily I only got a glancing blow. If it caught me "leg on" I am sure it could have hurt a lot more or worse.

Words of advice: always use a stripping basket and watch for debris when in the water