Tuesday, March 29, 2011

03.29.11 Trout in the Classroom Emergency, Helios arrives on the stoop, and heading down to Atlantic City!

     Trout in the Classroom is a great program. The teachers and students do a great job and every now and then the TIC Coordinators have to step in and help out where they can. Yesterday I got an email that one of my schools had a cracked tank. The crack got worse so I took a ride over to see if I could help. The teacher had emptied the tank and was going to put the +/- 90 three in fish in a smaller tank. He went out a purchased a plastic container and we set up things in there. It might be a temporary fix, but he says at least the kids will once again pay attention to him instead of looking at the trout!

     Then when I got home from that Fed-Ex had left me a long cardboard package. My new Orvis Helios 9ft 5wt arrived. Too bad I can't throw some line with it but the wife and I are heading out for a couple of days.

     We're heading down to Atlantic City. We'll be staying at the Borgata. While down there I'll be scouting out the Absecon Inlet and Bay. I'm sure things aren't in any kind of swing just yet. Water temps east of the casinos are 42 degrees today. I can't imagine the bay is much warmer then that. The next few days the weather looks like highs in the mid 40's and rain on Thursday. Not what we need.