Monday, March 14, 2011

03.14.11 My mailman delivered some new fly line

     There's nothing like coming home and there's finally a package addressed to me. This manilla envelope came from Florida and had my Rio Striper Aqualux WF9I/L inside. As you can see below it has a 40 foot head with a short bullet taper, followed by a 60 running line that can be illuminated with a flashlight or camera flash for night fishing. Since it's for spring and fall New Jersey striped bass fishing, I need a supple line for water temps from 45 degrees on up. Most anglers have one go to line they use all the time, most usually an intermediate line. That might be a big mistake. I'll be teaming this line up with a replacement sinking and floating line, just to make sure I'm covering the water column completely. More on that to follow.