Thursday, March 24, 2011

03.24.11 Good day to practice those fly fishing knots

    Well winter seems to have made it's way back to New Jersey and parts west and north. We only had a dusting of snow, but it was snow after an 80 degree day last week. Good day to do office work and catch up before the seasons start. After lunch I had an urge to practice some knots so I whipped up this tool to help me. A couple pieces of wood and a stainless eye were all I needed. I notched the base so the vertical piece would slide down and in. It makes a great play to simulate the hooks eye or just an achor point. I found a 1/2" piece of copper pipe and cut that in a short section for those nail knots. I did the usually spool to fly knots. Arbor, Albright, Nail, Loop to Loop, Perfection, Blood Knot, Surgeons Knot, Clinch Knot. Those are the ones I know and use the most. I still used my knee for a Bimini Twist, which I always screw up. I will it's fun to tie big, but getting it right in low light with a 7x and fish on spinners is a little more humbling!