Tuesday, June 29, 2010

06.29.10 Day four, a day on the Susquehanna river

Day four of school. Got out early and made the trip to the Susquehanna River in central Pennsylvania. Like all the other rivers in the northeast, it was low and warm. Brian and I hooked up with Charlie and we took turns rowing and fishing for smallmouths.  We caught a few fish, had a nice lunch. With the water levels low, there are tons of rocks to navigate through.  Charlie had faith enough in me, after some hard pressure and convincing, to let go
 through some really fast and tight water near Maryville. It was touch and go with tons of rowing- and luckily we didn't hit anything or damage his boat. We were lucky because he brought his own Clackacraft- and trusted or was nutty enough to allow me and Brian to use it. Back at the shop we had some good chow and a lecture from Joe on running a guiding operation. Tomorrow we are up and out early, heading to float the Upper West Branch. We're staying over up there, and doing the Delaware float again on Thursday.