Friday, June 11, 2010

06.11.10 Project Healing Water Pequest Hatchery outing

Another great day at the Pequest Hatchery with Project Healing Waters. Today I fished with a Veteran who had fly fished before but was a little rusty. It wasn't long before he found his grove and caught plenty of fish, including one beast, which had to go over 6 pounds. Today there were about a dozen guys who came out to fish on a really nice day, where temps were about 70 degrees and the water was cool and fish active. I left my house a little early and stopped by the South Branch of the Raritan at Gray Rock Road and fished there for a bit, water was up from the recent rain and the temps at 630 am were 60 degrees. Had a nice fish on a big bead head nymph...and had a nice fish on a big bead head nymph. Crazy weekend ahead, maybe I can sneak down and see what's going on in the surf if I'm lucky.