Tuesday, June 1, 2010

06.01.10 Water in the West Branch, tossing flies into the Atlantic

Had a short bit of time midday and took my true fishing partner down to ocean to see, if by some chance, I could catch an all out blitz on the beach. I have been stopping down everyday for about a week and haven't seen much, a fish caught here and there. There was bunker today but too far off the jetty. Did a little casting, and Erin a little stripping, with no results. I was hoping

that something would jump on the line while she retrieved in. I met a guy up from Cape May who pulled out his fly rod and made several casts off the jetty. As with fly fishing, always nice to have a target to cast to, it was nice to find a flyfisherman to focus on. He made for good images.

While checking up on the Delaware situation, I was glad to see a 325 cfs Cannonsville release, bringing that flow up to 476 at Hale Eddy, hopefully some rail this week will bring the water up and temps down.