Wednesday, June 23, 2010

06.23.10 Orvis sent a new rod, now I'm sending another snapped one back, and getting ready for guide school

Been a crazy week. My brother and I went fishing Saturday, with nothing to show for it. On Sunday, Fathers Day morning, 30 pounders in the surf, with about 10 fish caught during the 20 minute blitz. I went down this morning for a second and there wasn't anything around. Charter boats were drifting for fluke off the jetties. Well Orvis sent my new Power Matrix TLS tip flex back to replace the mid flex that was a bit too slow, that replaced the Silver Label TL I snapped while casting at Buckingham a month ago. And now I am sending the Trident TLS back because I snapped that on the jetty in Asbury last Tuesday. I hope they can fix it, but they'll probably replace it. With what I don't know. Maybe another Power Matrix TLS which would be great, or maybe a Helios ! Other then that I have been up to my ears in shooting assignments and kids end of school stuff and graduations, one from pre-k, one from 8th grade, and the other to moving up to 7th and 8th grade. All that while I prepare for my week at guide school in Pennsylvania from Friday June 25- July 1. That I can't wait for.