Thursday, June 17, 2010

06.16.10 Imagine throwing a small rabbit for big trout ...

It is possible. And, seasoned guys that guide and fish the Delaware system will tell you, size does matter. I left Ocean around 530 am and got into the West Branch Anglers around 930. It was a little colder than it should be and the sky was filled with clouds and it rained off and on. I decided to pick up a few flies for the day, a few sulfers, a few blue winged olives- and a new anchor for my drift boat. That I wasn't planning to spring for, but I needed one, and the shipping from out west would have been more expensive. I also picked up a few big 4/0 and 6/0 Double Bunnies (pictured above). They looked more like what I was using for stripers the day before than the size 18 and 20 olives that were in my cup. So I drove into Deposit and started below the Route 17 bridge in the no kill with the big streamer. Since I snapped my fly rod and am waiting for it to be returned from Orvis, all I had was my sons Fran Betters custom 7'6" 4-5 weight. Perfect for the Upper Delaware, and perfect for throwing small rodents! So I ducked and chucked through he riffles and into the deep pool with no luck. I got in my car and moved over to the sewage plant and fished below the train bridge. I switched over to a smaller size 8 white zonker. I made a cast into a good lie and got snagged on the backcast. I went over to release the fly and saw that a better lie was a few feet up from where I was. First cast, bang, into a nice over 20 inch brown, maybe 22. I dont have my fly rod with the tape on it marking the lengths so I have to guess. It was a nice strong fish. I took a few pictures and gently released

him. I then waited and waited and waited for the sulfurs to kick off, but they never did. They bumped the release up the night before and it made everything a little high and cold. I did see a few shad both dead on the banks and swimming in some back eddys. When I got out it was 345, and I decided to head downriver. On my way out of Deposit I bumped into two ironworkers I used to work with in the late 1980's. One bought a house on the river and both use it every week, even more now the economy is bad. So we decided to head downriver and fish the Church Pool below the Methodist Camp. As soon as we got in the fish were rising all over to blue winged olives. There was an occasional Isonychia coming off, but only a few. We made about 10,000 casts with no results, and then the Light Cahills came off. I managed a nice fiesty 15 inch rainbow just before dark on a cream snowshoe emerger. I did hold a quick macro portrait

session with a few bugs streamside. I also met Steve Taggart from Troutbound Guide Service and his two friends who made the Balls Eddy to Buckingham float. In fact we said hello to every guide, client, and driftboat that passed behind us, all within a half an hour. So it was a tough day, but got a nice, met up with some old friends, found a new spot, and learned how to cast the Easter Bunny!