Tuesday, June 15, 2010

06.15.10 Sure, nice day, few casts, snap another rod :(

Now I went and did it again. Today I had a short, very short window to make a few casts. So I hit my local haunt at the 8th Avenue jetty in Asbury Park. It was just high tide and I made about 15 casts and then snagged my half and half on the rocks below me as I tried to loosen a the line fouled on my reel. I tugged, and it moved, I tugged again, and again, and the last time SNAP. My favorite Trident TLS. F%@K ME. I was pissed at myself. All that for a beat up half and half. And, I have a new replacement rod, replacing a snapped rod, at Orvis waiting to get shipped back to me. I am embarrassed to send in another snapped rod. I will look like a fraud, either a fraud customer, or a fraud fly fisherman. Other than that. Nothing much going on in the salt. Hearing good things about the Catskills, with recent cooler temperatures and a touch more water in the system. In fact, heading up there in a few hours for the day tomorrow.