Tuesday, June 29, 2010

06.28.10 Day three, on the Big Delaware

Today we got up, had some breakfast, loaded up and headed to the Delaware River above Easton. We put it in at Martins Creek and floated down to some takeout near some kind of factory. Brian and I were teamed up with Charlie who brought his Clackacraft for us to use. Brian and I again switched on and off, with Brian doing more fishing on this day 

because he's a huge bass angler and fan. We did some fly casting but broke out the spinning rod so these guys could use worms and rapalas. I fell into temptation and couldn't resist a chartreuse mister twister spinner combo- which caught a big , beautiful sunfish and a few smallmouths. Charlie had the best two bass of the boat.

  During our float the clouds covered the sky and the heavens opened up for about a half an hour. It was a good day on a hard boat. The fiberglass boats are a lot different than the inflatables and my aluminum drift boat. I could see me eventually getting one some day. We took and took a little detour through northern PA in getting back to the shop, but we were in time for some good dinner and a evening lecture. Joe talked about guiding and teaching and we got into the business of guiding, which was an eye opener.  He and the guides shared a lot about the business and running it as a business and the difficulties that come with it. Tomorrow we head out for a road trip to the Susquehanna River for some more hard boat floats. Then it's the Upper Delaware on Wednesday and Thursday.