Thursday, April 6, 2017

04.06.07 The Fly Fishing Show is moving 2018.....


     So the news is out that The Fly Fishing Show is moving a little south down 287 to the New Jersey Convention and Expo Center in Edison for 2018. While we have all grown used to the goods and the bads with it being in Somerset, next year is gonna be fun. It is located in the one-way-in/ one -way-out swampy-industrial area located near the Raritan River.


     The decision to move was kinda made for the Furminsky's, Somerset won't be holding events like TFFS going forward. There was chatter about having it at the Javitz Center (cool) or in Atlantic City (super cool) but settled in (safe) in Edison. Can you imagine having it in AC? Stories that would be told for centuries would be made there.



     I have attended shows at the expo center. Lots of parking and lots of space. It was reported that there are 2,000 free parking spaces and another 3,000 close by. Well just throw this into your hat. The closest hotel is 1.2 miles away and the nearest restaurant is Italian which is 0.6 miles away. What that means is everyone is driving. Somerset allowed us to be able to park and stay and walk to the show and the restaurant/bars. This is going to make for interesting Friday and Saturday nights, and remember its basically one road in and out.


     Remember most of the population in the fly fishing community is up there in age and they don't like change or inconvenience...... I wish the show luck, it'll all work out. The Somerset show had become one of the tours best and I'm sure after some growing pains it'll be just as good if not better....

However, I was all in for Atlantic City......

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