Friday, December 23, 2016

12.23.16 Alright, now what to do?......

     So I'm at my Dad's house for a family party. I'm not checking my phone of course, because there's no reason to. Before I leave, around 830 fish, I see that my phone has been blowing up. Mostly texts from Lief. And I see there's images attached........and I know what that means. 

They're back....or they're here. 

     He said he got about 10, some good fish. On the herring. Everybody's dream....out there all alone and on the bass. So after finishing up wrapping the gifts for the kids in the man cave I looked over and saw my waders and fly rod and stripping basket waiting like a puppy at the door for their master......

     Hopefully I'll have a good report following some first light action.....guess I'm not done, again.

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