Friday, November 30, 2012

11.30.12 Great day on the water.....bass everywhere right off the bat

      Great way to end November! Started out at first light on the end of the outgoing and were greeted with birds, bait and bass right from the start. Got busy working the Tabory Slab Fly down in 30 foot of water and got them to bite back to back to back. Everything was on the move so by the time a fish was gently released they were gone from the screen. A little later on it was bass on top on rainfish and or silversides. Stayed with the big flies and went to a red/white Montauk Monster and got them to think big and blow up on the flies run just under the surface. The bass ranged from 20- 30 inches. 
     It stayed hot up and down the beach for about three hours and then it just got lonely and quiet on the outgoing tide. Moved around looking and casting under the floating birds that were waiting for something to happen. You couldn't have asked for a better morning- flat seas, calm winds, and active birds, bait and bass- and not one bluefish! I knew things were over as I looked over from my seat on the poling platform and saw a seal staring at me. As I looked at him, two more popped up- lot's of food and temps of 44 degrees have them coming in for the winter. 

Looking to get out and finish up this 2012 fall run. Give me a call 732.261.7291 or drop me an email  


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