Friday, November 16, 2012

11.16.12 Even bass sometimes just get a craving for something specific

     Went back to the same place we fished yesterday and found the water much cleaner. It was mid ebb tide and I threw one of Bunky's ties had he left on the Helios yesterday. Next to me was a fisherman soaking clams, and today that must have been what the bass wanted. He caught a bass, sometimes two, on just about every clam he had. The fish were all short, including this four year old 22" bass that ate, well, a soaking clam.
     I varied my retrieves and tried to get my fly low and slow but only had a hit, or a snag on the rock, while I was out there. The wind was steady from the N better than 10 mph but it wasn't too bad throwing into the wind.