Saturday, November 17, 2012

11.17.12 Union Beach 19 days post Sandy

     This afternoon we loaded up the kids and took a ride into Union Beach to check on my wife's friends a lend a hand if needed. The town remains in the clean-up mode with homeowners continuously placing belongings at the curb and ripping out floors and walls before the mold and mildew get worse. 
It was nice to see so many volunteers including various faith based groups who were our en masse.
     I took a quick walk down Front Street to see the home that has come to represent the devastation to the towns along the Raritan Bay. The former Lorraine Hotel has sat overlooking the bay for 150 years and the current owners have owned it for fifteen years. 

     On our way out of town we found the below sign warning looters to stay away. It's sad that the reports of looting both residential homes and marine facilities occurred after the storm. There has ben so much good done by New Jerseyeans and our neighbors from around the United States to help us get back our feet that these stories just make you shake your head and get angry.