Thursday, November 22, 2012

11.22.12 Thankful for two and three year olds today

     I saw flag and stuffed fisherman on the last remaining pier of the recently destroyed Ocean Grove Fishing Pier. Someone had affixed two signs below it, "Down the Shore" "Everything is all right". For many down the Jersey Shore, things aren't alright, but they are getting along and moving forward. There is still so much work to be done to get peoples lives and livelihoods back in order. Today I am thankful that my entire family and I lives are intact and we didn't get hit as hard as others. At the same time my heart goes out to those affected then, and still today.

    This morning I got out on the mid ebb tide and it was a beautiful morning at the inlet, on the rocks, and along the beach. I covered a lot of territory and didn't have a bite until a couple of two and three old stripers made my morning by grabbing my fly in a deep trough just feet from where I stood. I have noticed that most of the fish that have been caught since the storm, although most undersized, have been fat and healthy. I'm not sure what the fish are on since i haven't seen steady signs of bait, although at times the birds have been active picking in the pockets and diving out off the ends of the rocks. 
     With the wind sitting down a little bit the last few days it's a great time to get out and check out the new "normal" of our local beaches. Mother Nature has pretty much erased the beach replenishment or beach "nourishment" as it is now politically-correctedly known as. There are sand bars, troughs, cuts, and rips along almost every beach. That can extend your fishing time as more water, and the fish, hold and stay around on the tides. Enjoy it now because the NJ DEP has given the green light for towns to do "whatever" they want for 6 months to get their beaches and beachfronts back to pre-Sandy conditions. That will mean pushing a lot of sand back into the structure along the beaches.

I have an opening for tomorrow so it's "Black Friday Bassing". Tomorrow is looking good for an early start so 6am-10 am walk and wade is $200 for one angler $250 for two. Includes coffee and breakfast, rods, leaders and flies- just bring your waders and you can be in the mall by noon! 732.261.7291 or