Friday, November 9, 2012

11.09.12 Thoughts on the remainder of the 2012 fall season

     Hurricane Sandy and Nor'easter Athena did a number on the coastline of New Jersey and New York, and some other states also. While we can't forget the loss of life and property that has occurred we will eventually have to get back to gettin' back. For some of us fishing is a hobby, for others it is an occupation. People have to get back to work, and yes, for some, that means back to fishing.
     Post Sandy people on on-line forums were appalled that some would write and ask for opinions on fishing conditions, locations, access points and predictions for the rest of the season. Most times they were lambasted for being insensitive and stupid for asking such a question at a difficult time. I can't say who is right, but, peoples lives do go on.
     I remember passing a church as the casket was being placed in a hearse during part of a funeral and people were across the street playing soccer in a field. A few weeks ago our family said good-bye to my Mother-In-Law, as people filled Met Life Stadium to watch the Giants beat the Browns only a few towns away. Post Sandy I have seen surfers in the water, people running in the streets, and cyclists on the roads. It's part of peoples lives moving forward. And that slice of their life that what see doesn't mean that is all they are doing during this or any crisis.
     You could argue that maybe the guy wanting to go fishing is the guy who himself has no power and needs a break from his own reality for just an hour or so. Or the girl who needs to take a few casts into waters that she may know just aren't holding fish yet, she herself tired from volunteering in town or just finishing helping a neighbor out. It's just a small snapshot of their life at that moment.
     So, for those that fish for a living, it's time to figure out what's going on, and what may go on. For those that have pulled their boats, or had their boats pulled for them by Sandy, the season may be over. Some will try to salvage their boat, others may just have them winterized and wrapped as they press on with more important matters. As I left my house yesterday and saw my snow covered boat I wondered what the rest of the fall and winter could hold for us. Should I be done? I spoke with other charter Captains and we all had the same questions-
  • Will the access to the boat ramps and beaches and groins and jetties be there?
  • Will the bait be there?
  • Will the bass be there?
  • Will the waters be open, and if so free from debris?
  • Will the waters be safe from contamination?
  • And lastly, will the clients be there?
     I am seeing that some headboats and charter boats are gearing up to get out this weekend 2 weeks post Sandy. There have been some reports of bass being caught off the Barnegat area, and better reports down near Atlantic City and Cape May. As you know, I am on the beaches or scouting the waters everyday and have seen some good signs. I found dolphins chasing bunker a few days after Sandy, birds picking in the pockets and off the rocks before Athena and today I saw gannets consistently diving a mile off Allenhurst. 

Nov 9, 2012 Allenhurst
We all know last year's epic fall run...and winter run....was an anomaly. It started slow, well didn't really start till mid November off IBSP, and then slow down there only to take off the third week of December in Monmouth County and not stop till late February. Hopefully things will settle down and maybe we can have some slice of a repeat from last year. Remember, sand eels are yet to come!

This blog entertains and informs a lot of people each day. I am glad that it does. But the people I hope it serves the most are those clients or future clients that have or will fish with me. This is my business, and I have to get back to business. 

I am liking the way the weekend is looking and I think we will turn the corner Sunday. Currently I personally have no power and my truck has been down since Sandy day 3 but I hope to be up and running at full strength come next week.

After scouting the beaches and boat ramps I will be running trips up here off Monmouth and Ocean County, or I am looking to running trips down out of Absecon Inlet for stripers off Atlantic City. 

My Jones Brothers 19'10 Cape Fisherman can comfortably fish two fly anglers and the full day trips cost $600.00. Please call 732.261.7291 or email me for availability or info. 

I will be continuing my walk and wade trips along the beaches and rocks along Monmouth and Ocean Counties once access and conditions continue to improve.