Tuesday, November 13, 2012

11.13.12 More beach "nourishment" starting soon in Monmouth Beach

  The 12.3 million dollar beach replenishment slated for Monmouth Beach up to Sea Bright will start in a few weeks. Crews from Weeks Marine have started moving equipment onto the beach north of Big Monmouth. This is Phase II, with some sand from Phase I, from south of Little Monmouth to Big Monmouth, still around from the project that ran from November 2011 through February 2012.

     I am amazed that the "nourishment" of the beach along the sea wall on Ocean Avenue is continuing at this time as so many areas along the jersey Shore are in need of money and resources following Hurricane Sandy.

Big Monmouth - January 9 2012

Big Monmouth November, 8 2012
    The beach at Big Monmouth will be shut down to anglers and the steps over the wall at Little Monmouth had been damaged and now removed. The parking lot their is currently being used as a debris transfer station.

     With the new ruling on beach access out and leaving it up to to towns to decide when and where people can access the beach and ocean, this is a prime time for those changes to occur. With roads, and steps, and piers washed out it will be interesting if "new" beach access plans are presented to the NJ
DEP for approval.

Be safe out there, everything is different.