Monday, February 14, 2022

02.14.22 Reconditioned the Rodmounts.....

      In todays world of everything-is-disposable and I'll-just send-it-back I bring the story of my Sumo Suction Rod Carrier from Rodmounts. I purchased them new in 2011, HERE  and they have been through the ringer over the last 10+ years. Multiple vehicles, several states, salt and fresh water, and even tumbled down the highway when the suction broke free, most likely because I had them on for a few weeks, not what they were designed for. 

     I have no skin in the Rodmounts game, and, in fact, when I emailed them to see if they have or need a local rep or had a pro team, they weren't interested. So there is paid endorser here. Over the years, and rightfully so, the bungee cords had frayed, the suction cups lost their suction, and a few of the plastic pieces had split. But I continued to use it, playing a game of Russian roulette with each outing. 

The suction or metal types go for $169 on the Rodmounts website. They also offer replacement parts which is where my project came in. Good for them for offering parts in this throw-it-out time we live in. So for about $60 with delivery I got a set of new suction cups and hardware and four new bungee and ring setups to secure the rods. Now if I wasn't so cheap I would have went for the extra $43 and replaced the other set as well. 

     I gave the old suction cups a wash and Armor-All'd the plastic and lubricated the ball and socket plastic joints. The replacements went in easy and now the unit looks almost brand new. So why does this work for me? In 2011 I was living in Ocean Township, just a quick ride to the beach so that's one, when you want to jump from say Marine to Whitehall its a quick ride on the outside which eliminates the broken-rod-tip-in-the-door move, and great for the Upper Delaware where you're jumping from say Junction Pool to Long Flat in a hurry, perfect for anyone that has a beach buggy pass for Island Beach State Park, and more recently using them for the Trenton to Scudders move

after the 9 foot tide drops out. Now, surprisingly they haven't been stolen yet, which means I just jinxed myself for this year. I wouldn't leave them on for a third shift in Trenton where I am fishing far away from car, someone will surely grab them, even if they don't know what they are. I plan on getting the other set so I can confidently drive around without the suction being lost, I have lost one of them on the road, and have driven with the rod perpendicular to the hood when I have forgot to secure them in. 

     Iy you are thinking of this, I recommend it, you can see more on the Rodmounts website, HERE