Monday, May 20, 2019

05.19-20.19 Happy 21st Sean....

     Sean turned 21 on Saturday and on Sunday we headed down to AC for a one-overnighter at the Borgata. Fished before I picked him up and threw a bigger fly near the ends of the jetties and then went under and fished my "Archer's Mole Crab" fly without a tap. There's a lot of them around and they are big, and I think they are on the spawn now. My fly isn't perfected yet and it could use some tweaking but it'll get there.

     I'm doing well with the plug and lure finding. Today it was a nice SP Minnow on the sedges in the river. I fund a fish finder on eBay and it should be here soon and I can wait to test it and make sure it works and gets me ready for some upcoming boat trips. Things are starting to look mighty fishy out front with tons of bunker and dolphins just off the beaches.