Tuesday, May 14, 2019

05.13.19 Fishing the Nor'easter....

     Was down near the beach so decided to give it a go. Konking East winds and rain and mid-tide was just unfishable on the beach. Hard sweep and water running up the scarp. Made two casts and got back in the truck to check another spot.

     Hit the back f the river and had some protection from the wind but the rain found its way into every part of my body for the 45 minutes I was out there. Lots of birds looking, some bunker flipping, but no one around for the fly.

     Weird May nor-easter and the amount of rain we have got has the rivers up and both in the back and out front off color. Its going t take some time to find better conditions for fly fishing. I know a bunch of you are waiting fr that bat r walk and wade confirmation call so this post should show why were not fishing this week. Hopefully soon.