Thursday, May 9, 2019

05.08.19 Slow, real slow day out there....

     Had Tom out for the morning and until the tide flip today. Great guy, has all the moves, but we, well I, couldn't get us a bite. We moved a round....a lot.....and found ourselves alone at times and others sniffing around boats that were anchored up.

     Started near the Bug Light and Hook on the incoming, ran up to the 'Burg and joined the trolling, live lining, and chunking boats and didn't find a fish. Wait, let me back up. So I woke up in Titusville at 445 am to get the lunches and the stuff ready for the trip. Out the door at 510 and about 45 minutes later while driving north on the Parkway my wife calls and says, "You forgot the cooler dummy?". Yes, I am a dummy. Thankfully she's the best and drove the hour plus to drop it off.

     After covering some ground I came up with a plan. Lets run over to New York near the big bridge and sniff around the islands and they maybe out front on the tide flip. Well that didn't prove to be a move so I headed back to the fleet. After lunch and as the tide started to ebb Tom was back at it. He preferred to use the stripping basket in the boat, which I like also, as it helps with line management,

when, and if, you go tight. I even added a little love potion to the fly hoping the scent might trigger some interest. While Tom was casting I was throwing a hookless pencil popper on a spinning rod trying to drum up some interest from the bass or the newly arriving bluefish. With that popper you know when they're here....and they weren't for us today.