Thursday, May 16, 2019

05.16.19 Well that's a wrap.....

.......for now. Today was the day I had been waiting for. Three long years of round the calendar studies and finally graduating Monmouth University's Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Masters program. I hasn't been easy but I pushed through. Losing Ryan and then moving from Red Bank to the banks of the Delaware River and everything else life throws at you in-between. Long hours of studying, hundreds of hours of clinical, attending classes on multiple campuses, and sweating exam after exam. The only thing I have left is to take and pass the national board exam. I am looking to sit for that in late May or early June.

     While I have a lot of people to thank, from co-workers, friends, family, and the kids, most of all of this wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for my wife Theresa. When we first connected in 2014 it was she who turned me on to a position in the kids psych unit at Monmouth Medical. It was her that showed me the importance of having attaining your BSN to be able to really do anything in nursing these days. So we started the BSN journey together and then after that I watched co-workers graduate from the program I did today. 
     Theresa put up with a lot over the last three years as I stressed out or had to change plans or have her cover for me running the kids around. When I stopped working this past fall to concentrate on studying and clinical it was she who woman up and worked extra hard to make ends meet. I hope soon to be able to repay her for her sacrifices and support for me over these years. After watching several nurses attain their Doctorate in Nursing degrees today I am tempted to give that a go. With $92,000 in student debts maybe I'll make a few payments before attempting the highest level of education available. 
     After the graduation Theresa surprised me with a party at The Bar Room in Deal. It was our go-to place when I lived a half a block away on Phillips avenue a few years ago. Joining us were family and friends and the drinks, food, and the below cake was great. 


      I am ready to fish, hard, until we open our practice in Pennington in the fall. If I pass the boards it'll take a few months to get my DEA and NPI numbers in order to prescribe and start seeing patients. So, if you're ready, so am I. Call 732 261 7291 to book a walk or wade or boat trip in the salt.