Tuesday, May 14, 2019

05.14.19 Surprisingly nice out there.....

     Thought about the beach but after seeing it yesterday I had my doubts. Thought about the river but it was up and if anything I would use the boat. So after dropping off the girls I decided to hit the marina and splash the boat. All that rain dropped the water temps a bunch and I was tempted to hit the rivers but the bay was calling. Found good marks but they had lock jaw. I did this drift for about 2 hours. 300 grain, 350 grain, 550 grain. Big flies, 

medium flies, smaller flies. even my special Clouser that weighs about a pound. That one I jigged on the drift and still not a tap. It was frustrating but I was okay with it as I had no other options or tricks up my sleeve. 

     Since I had to hit Red Bank Regional first I dropped into the river just as the rain started to really come down. Tide was flipping and my hopes were high. I got hung up on the backcast and as I made my way to my fly I found a big bluefish. No, I didn't catch it, it was dead, and I didn't snag it on my back cast, just placed the fly there because I was bored and needed a fish pick for the day. 

     Hopefully this rain stops sometime soon so I can, one, mow the grass, and two conditions improve for fishing. Right now the Delaware is roaring so my options for bass are back n the beach or the boat....hoping soon things on the beach heat up, I got some people waiting.