Saturday, July 29, 2017

07.29.31 Could have done without the 40 mph winds.....

   Honky, honk. If they said gusts hit 50 today along the beach I wouldn't doubt it. Damm near knocked me off the rocks. It was a N/NE wind that made things suck. Couldn't really cast but out a bit and to fish the wind protected south sides of several groins was for naught because theres no water there. Summer south winds = shoaled up south sides. 

     There wasn't a lot of water anywhere in fly rod distance, and, there was a ton of grass in the wash, on top, underneath, everywhere. I started with a black Snake Fly just as light arrived and had good hopes but about killing myself over a few beaches I went to the AMC. 

     I'm gonna get that AMC (mole crab) fly right. I know there have been a plethora of other mole crab imitations out there, that all catch fish, but I am hell-bent on creating one that is a mirror image and when fished like a sand flea will get the bass when nothing else will do. Problem is I'm not

there yet. I did soak, yes it's soaking, an AMC on a nice little current along the rocks but didn't get a tap. But, here's my prediction, I am catching a bass early Monday morning on one. Promise.

     Here's what I have to date, and will go back to the vise with a once live one that I took home to nail it just right. Interesting thing is the color.....have to work on that.