Thursday, July 20, 2017

07.20.17 Back from the ADK's and on the beach...."Ha, ha, ha.....Vat, are going to catch a trout?"


  Nice to be home. Had a great time with family up on Lower Saranac Lake in the Adirondack's. Fished a few times with Erin but most of the time it was just relaxing. I did miss the salt, and have come to realize I have become a saltwater fisherman, by passion, with freshwater in a close second. I was on the lake and just couldn't get motivated. I need moving water, and water I can stand in. It was great with Erin catching a  variety of fish on the fly rod. Glad to be home after a week.

     Had a sweet welcome home this morning . Getting out at on the beach at 5am about an hour left on the incoming. No waders, just the bathing suit and a home-made pair of jetty shoes that work well,

until they get loaded with sand, rocks, and mussels. Walked the beach with the "Archer's Mole Crab" fly determined to catch a bass on it. Walked and made casts and really worked the trough over 1/2 mile of beach, landing three fluke, one just shy of a keeper.

     As I got close to my truck, and with about 300 feet until the groin where I was calling it quits I switched  up and took off the "AMC" and put on a Joe Pheiffer electric chartreuse fly. I had doubts because the amount of mussels getting washed up and down the scarp and into the water was a lot and I didn't think a fluke would hang in that.......

........but that bass up there did. 27 inches of angry muscle. Funniest part was as I worked till the end a guy was getting his rod ready when I hooked up. He missed the fight, the photo, and the release. He came up to me as I stayed for another twenty minutes sayingin a foreign voice that I still can't figure out what it was ......."Ha, ha, ha.....Vat, are going to catch a trout?". This is the guy below. Perched high on the rock, and with no-disrespect, with a set-up and skill set that surely won't get it done on any given day. I'm glad he didn't see the fish on the trout rod.