Sunday, July 23, 2017

07.23.17 Dropped a nice fish in the dark and a Roosevelt update.....

     Last night I called the fly, and had the spot in my head, and at about 440 am I got hit by a freight train about 3/4 of the way out on the groin. Started the process of working my way back to the beach to land the large bass and just as I got to the beach end and made the turn I felt me lose pressure. And you know what that means, coupled with a barbless hook, another one that got away story. Had another one one and lost that one two but I never even got the hook set.

     After fishing and moving to a different spot and coming up blank Leif and I drove to check out an old haunt. They're in full pipe building mode north of Whitehall after finishing the Poplar Brook pipe. Takanasee is already complete so hopefully by the fall they'll be gone.

     And just for some reassurance, the flat ones do eat the mole crabs, sand fleas, mimicked by the "AMC". Just haven't been able to connect on one the last few outings. The photo was taken by Gerry Fabiano who had some good keepers this past week.

Gerry Fabiano photo