Tuesday, July 4, 2017

07.04.17 Happy July 4th!!!! Fluke for everybody....no bass though

Leif Peterson photo

     First of all, Happy July 4th. I hope you love this country and it's great people as much as I do. I threw  Red, white and blue Snake Fly that Lief had tied up last year. Would like to say I nailed them on it, but I didn't.

Joe Phiefer photo
Leif Peterson photo
     Summer's here that's for sure. This morning I was on the beach at 4am. Threw black Snake Flies, Banger's, sand eels. Nothing with stripes. Thought I could wake up a bass but that didn't happen. Fluke kept me and the boys busy on crab flies and Clousers, with each of us on different beaches. It's nice when you actually realize there's no bass around and just concentrate on trying to find and get the fluke to eat.

     Since the fluke are around I spend some time today tying up some Clousers. I have a neat way of tying this fly and after years of tying shitty ones and getting frustrated I found this technique that helps me. Here's a few I'll be offering up tomorrow. Also, since the fluke are around, and they make a great dinner, I decided to carry one of those cooler age with me on the beach. I know it's not easy to carry but I figure it will be a nice way to keep the catch nice and fresh and cool.