Monday, July 24, 2017

07.24.17 Nice to get one after the rain and lightning.....

     Out the door at 415am and the sky was light up from time to time with lightning bolts with thunder and hard rain. Thought about turning around and going back to bed but had to give it a go. Had to sit in my truck for about an hour sipping coffee and rolling my back Snake Fly in my fingers chomping at the bit. I'll do rain, and even lightning way off in the distance but this front was rolling right through.

     At about 540 light started to come and the rain shut off and it looked to be safe out there. I had the place to myself and connected on one in big water before Richie hit the sand. Tough conditions on that incoming tide, hard to cover all parts of the water column as the tide built up. Had to time the swells to keep the fly in the zone before it would get pushed back on the beach or along the rocks. Love snotty weather fishing, felt like a fall morning.