Thursday, July 27, 2017

07.27.17 Graveyard shift, made some bait, keep digging, crabs are in......and Mom's good!

Thanks for all the questions about Mom, she's banged up but doing good. She's a trooper!

     Worked another 7p-730am night shift. Was able to spend some time on the vise during my break. Flies came out okay, and swam just okay when I got to the beach 10 minutes after clocking out. They looked good during one retrieve and then fouled on another, not consistent. Like big Bob told me one day, "Flies that foul don't catch fish".

     But I continue to work on the "AMC" fly, "Archer's Mole Crab", and it's getting better. Found a hook I like that gives a good gap. I'm making the shells a little wider and cutting down on the material on the underside. While the fluke have ate them I can't get a striper to be tempted by my imitation. One day when I least expect it.......BAM!!

     The heavy machinery is soon pulling of the beach as the outflow projects from Long Branch to Asbury Park are complete. Today an excavator worked to dig out the pocket, don't know why but I was digging, no pun intended, it. Soon the beaches will all be open and ready for the mullet coming from north to south.

     And finally, another Erin pic, this time with a crab from the Navesink. We went on a scouting mission and we found them and had fun netting them from the pilings and boat motors. We had a blast last year and I look forward to catching it just right and filling up a bushel.