Friday, July 21, 2017

07.21.17 "I'll just throw these in......"

    "Thank You!" Theresa and I hit an estate sale today and cleaned up. As the guy was going through our stuff he picked up two package of black ostrich plumes, about 30 of them, and "I'll just throw these in". Why is that so cool, because on my way home from the ADK's I stopped at Ramsey Outdoor and pain $6.99, plus tax, for one.

     This morning I stayed north and fished some water I haven't hit in a while. Maybe I shouldn't have. My first stop was a beach without rocks, and it fished that way. Not much for structure and hard to get a handle on. The second was real fishy, with good moving water, and didn't get a tap. Threw

everything I had from Banger's, to Clousers, to the AMC, and everything in between. Some good things though, tiny boats swimming in the wash and dolphins just outside the bar. I won't even tell you about the peanuts at the marina I saw yesterday.

    Yesterday, when it was 40,000 degrees out I took the girls for "a nice day on the water". Thanks for the bimini top or else we would have melted into the Jones Brothers deck. We drifted over and over again, for miles, without getting tap outside of a sea robin. Seeing the Anthem of the Seas unclose was cool, otherwise it was just hot.