Thursday, June 1, 2017

06.01.17 People gonna die on the Jersey Shore this summer......

Seaview Ave Long Branch
     Hate to be dramatic. Hate to have to say it at all. But one thing I learned last night, besides the fact there isn't a night bite, is that the Jersey Shore beaches are treacherous. And that is all due to beach replenishment. Remember the days when a good old rip tide would grab you? Those were formed by Mother Nature. They can spotted, avoided, and even be self rescued from. These new beaches with any kind of surf are difficult to read, judge, and navigate.

     The amount of sand that has moved back into the water in the last three weeks is amazing. When I walk down onto the beach I can't see friends at the waters edge due to drop off or deep cut scarp. If it's not that is a gently sloping beach, like above, where the waves break at your ankles, breaking them, or on the bar and then the water runs up the scarp like a freight train, and then back down putting incredible force on your ankles. BE CAREFUL!!!!!

West End Ave Long Branch

     So yesterday I tied up some bait, which looked good, and hit the beach at 1130 after covering a 7p-11p shift. It was an hour before high tide and basically unfishable. Hit a bunch of spots over the next three hours without a tap. Lightning storm over NYC kept me nervous as I didn't know which way it was traveling. So its been a real slow week for me and my friends along the beach. Maybe a fish here and there, but otherwise dead sea. Time to start fishing for fluke in the wash.