Sunday, June 18, 2017

06.18.17 Happy Father's Day from MV......

     Oh...I'm dialed in. First Happy Father's Day to all the great Dad's out there. And, if you're not great there's always time to turn it around. Today I had lots of school and the weather continues to...well......suck. South winds. Overcast. I went with Bob's mini Semper Fleye in white and got a trio

of little guys covered in lice as the tide turned from flood to ebb. Gerry and Steve took a walk to some deeper water and got numbers but no size. It just seems like it's all micro bass no matter what you do. 

     I'm glad I brought two stripping baskets on this trip. The no holes worked great today although water came over the bow several times. Bob and Joe hit Lobsterville but that continues to be without fish life. We did have police at the West Basin lot yesterday as someone lifted a guys $800 Van Stahl

reel off the guys roof rack in broad daylight. There aren't but a handful of people around so it has to be someone one of us saw around probably casing out the cars.