Wednesday, June 21, 2017

06.21.17 Day 6 MV......Had to limp home early and the fish that got away......

     So this morning I woke up with two things on my mind. Truck and fish. I headed to Edgartown to see how the truck and the temperature gauge would act. Halfway there it was leaning to hot and in addition to the half and half I went for I grabbed some antifreeze and some power steering fluid. On the way back to the house I decided that I would fish for a few hours and then leave a day, well two days, early. The guys are leaving Friday and had sunny skies today, and will have a beautiful day tomorrow. Bob Coffe and Fleye today was a crab fly he tied up for me.



     When I got down to the water I figured I wouldn't be acting long. The long walk to my spot had outgoing with a steady wind and gray clouds. I looked at best I could and only saw one fish swim over the bar from pond to the channel. But as I looked up I could see blue skies over Lobsterville. I thought that maybe I would have a small window, but by the time the sun would poke the water would be down. 

     I walked the edges making my way to the truck but then the clouds were gone. Raher than go back to where I was I walked along the pond and onto a great flat. I looked and walked and saw nothing. I turned around and was ready to call it quits. I started thinking about getting packed and what headache this truck could cause me.
     I was about 1500 feet from my truck looking in the water and black rocks, that didn't move, and then I saw the fish. It was coming at me. I had a sinking line on, because of the wind storm on the other side, and thought it would just spook. I laid out my cast, the fish came to the Joe Pheiffer crab, it paused, I couldn't actually see the eat, I lifted, felt the weight, it shook its head, and was gone. The fish that got away.

     So I decided since the sun was out that the other spot would be great. More honking wind and no water. As I walked to my truck I looked from the black top and even contemplated going back on that flat one more time. Did I leave fish to find fish? In the end I tipped my hat and was gone.

     I limped my way home. I left Aquinah at 1230 and arrived home at 1045. More antifreeze and stops than I could count. Bob filled me in on the day. Fish were caught. Guys got stuck in the mud and couldn't get out, and then others went to help and got stuck too. There was sight fishing to be had today in and out of the clouds and fog. I hope they have fun and do well tomorrow.
     In all their falling in the water and getting stuck they weren't able to get any pics of the nice fish Joe caught so Bob send me the below left photo. I said God Joe is getting to look a lot like Bob. Now mind you I was looking at the pic from the top deck of the ferry in the sun. Then he sent me the original of Bob taken about 10 years ago. They got me, it was good for a bit.
     It was another good trip even with tough conditions and a million tiny fish. Going to school at 50 really screws up a lot of things, and messing with this trip really pisses me off. Hopefully next year I won't have to deal with mandatory gynecological and prostate exams on Martha's Vineyard Day 6 2018.