Wednesday, June 7, 2017

06.07.17 Went for fluke, caught a striper......

     Killing me not to go this morning. I held out. I was a good boy and finished my homework. Then I asked to go out to play for a little while. My goal was to catch dinner. It was 1030 and there was two hours left before dead low. The full moon tide was still big four hours into the drop. Ankle breaker waves and left to right sweep could have easily put someone down but I got lucky and stayed upright. Soaked, but upright.
     I managed a trio of windowpane flat fish and may have had a decent hit that could have been a fluke. A quick move to some sweet current and after about a dozen casts I caught the above I-thoiught-it-was-bigger striper. It was a nice enough day, but I would stay away from dead high tide tomorrow, its gonna be big.